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Application for humans:

*about you*
name: Crystal
age: 23
location: Los Angeles, California

*about your pet*
name: Hampie
age: 2 1/2
species/breed: Calico

*Where did you get your pet? I adopted her from a pet fair.

*Why did you decide to get this kind of pet and what made you choose this one in particular? I wanted another cat, and she stuck out the most at the fair.  Her face was so cute.

*Interesting or unique tricks or talents: She can wiggle out of anyones arms/grip.

*Funny story about your pet: When we first got her we were taking a shower and she hid in the trash can.

*Please include at least three pictures of your pet but no more than ten.

This is when I first got her.  She was so skinny(she came from a place that had Alot of cats).

This was her when she hid in the trash can.

And this is her now, my plump little fuzzy.

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