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Re-applying w/ my new kitten. Sadly to announce.. the cat I last applied w/ had to be put down just a few weeks after I applied. He had a total kidney failure :( *sigh* Application 1

Application for humans:

*about you*
name: Caryn
age: 15
location: Washington

*about your pet*
name: Allison aka Allie... or terror :)
age: Well.. we dont know her exact birthday but they said it was early August.. so we decided on August 10 lol. Soo I guess that makes her 13 weeks
species/breed: Bengal

*Where did you get your pet? A breeder in Monroe, WA

*Why did you decide to get this kind of pet and what made you choose this one in particular? My Dad saw this kind of cat about.. 8 years ago.. and didnt know the breed.. he just knew what it looked like. So after we had to put my to sleep we wanted to get another one figuring it'd ease the pain a bit even though we'll never forget Junior :(. So we looked and looked and looked and finally found the right breed so we found a breeder around here and ended up getting her cause she was the last one they had :)

*Interesting or unique tricks or talents: ahh.. everything! haha she does some weird stuff.. she loves to chase shadows.. and lights and stuff lol.. she flips around like no other cat I've seen

*Funny story about your pet: Hmm.. she runs into walls quite a bit.. and she likes to terrorize my poor betta fish. She gets on top of their tanks and chases her tail around while batting at them..lol

*Please include at least three pictures of your pet but no more than ten.

First day home

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