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Application for humans

*about you*
name: Bridgett.
age: 19.
location: I'm in St. Louis, and my poor kitty is in Milwaukee. I get her back in a few months though. Stupid dorms.

*about your pet*
name: Chloe.
age: She'll be 3 in April.
species/breed: Tortoiseshell.

*Where did you get your pet? My aunt's friend Gay lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and the barncat had the babies in the garage, so they were more domestic than the rest of the barncats. I wanted a gray one, but it turned out to be a boy, so I picked out my baby!

*Why did you decide to get this kind of pet and what made you choose this one in particular? My family has always had cats. We had 8 or 9 in England, and then we had one big fluffy black cat. She started to get old and hid a lot of the time, so I wanted a kitty of my own. I picked out Chloe because she looked like my sister's cat Angelica's twin, and her cat has a nice temper so I knew what to expect.

*Interesting or unique tricks or talents: She makes this growling noise when she sees something out the window she likes or doesn't like. She'll sit and growl at people, and dogs, and little kids. And she knows when I'm sleeping because she'll always knock on my door and she's actually turned the knob once or twice.

*Funny story about your pet: I have a recliner in my room under my window. On the curtain rod, I have some of those stuffed monkeys with long arms and Velcro hanging down. So one day she was sitting in the window and something spooked her so she jumped onto the top of the recliner and went right through the legs of one of the monkeys, and it got stuck. I'll post the picture I took at the very bottom.

*Please include at least three pictures of your pet but no more than ten.

Her two favorite blankets. Mom woke her up!

Favorite chair.

Her bed on the landing of my parent's house.

I know I colored it. I can't find the original, but it was the day I first got her and my brother was pulling on her tail.

Hug from a monkey! (My funny story from before)

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