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Application for cat

Application for humans:

*about you*
name: Amelia
age: 19
location: Utah

*about your pet*
name: Petra
age: about 5
species/breed: stray--calico

*Where did you get your pet? A friend, trying to get rid of her. She had two outdoor cats, and one day, cold and frozen from the January frost, this one had coming looking for food in the garage like the others. She was just a bag of bones and had she been outside for much longer, she probably would have died.

*Why did you decide to get this kind of pet and what made you choose this one in particular? I always wanted a cat, and here was a moment to get one. Convinced my parents to take her in.

*Interesting or unique tricks or talents: She can argue with screaming magpies and play cops n' robbers with my littlest brother (he'll yell "Bang! Bang!" and she'll run into the living room, waiting for him to catch up before she darts into the kitchen, then to the dining, then to the hall, then back into the living room again).

*Funny story about your pet: Once knocked off a wasp hive on the porch by the screen door and pissed off a lot of wasps. Didn't get stung, but once she got inside and watched the the swarm from behind the safety of the glass, she went nuts and kept jumping up and down on the glass door, a few of the wasps following her as she jumped.

*Please include at least three pictures of your pet but no more than ten.
See bottom of the application

Application for nonhumans:

*about you*
name: Getoffofmybed from the old lady and Petra from everyone else.
age: I'm probably abou--OOO LOOKY! A SPIDER! EAT IT!
species/breed: I like to dream that I'm a majestic cheetah or lion, killing everyone in my path, but I shall be fine as a beautiful, pampered, calico.

*about your human*
name: Which one? The one who loves me is Comehere and the one who feeds me is Shaddup.
age: Have you seen these guys? They're huge, like trees! They must be ancient!
location: Either the piano top, forbidden beds, or Comehere's lap/pillow at night.

*Where did your human find you, or where did you find your human? My lack of long term memory keeps me from really remembering this, but I remember the horrible cold and two nasty cats...

*Why did your human decide to adopt you and what made he/she choose you in particular? Hmpf, probably because she realized that I was ten times as beautiful as her and far more worthy, thus her life in servitude to me was far more important than anything she was doing.

*Interesting or unique tricks or talents: Shiny dining room table perfect for sliding on!

*Funny story about you and your human: At night when she's asleep, I'll jump into under the bed covers and lay my head on the pillow, just like her.

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